What counter to choose?

If you need detailed website statistics (hourly, pages visited, entry and exit points, referrals, search queries and engines, countries, browsers, and other reports), your choice is a detailed statcounter.

If you do not require detailed statistics, a simple or color counter will fully meet your needs.

They will keep track of hits / page views by the day and display their total number.

Select a counter
Counter style
Counter HTML code
Select Website Counter
Please select a counter type you wish to use on your web site. On the next page you will choose counter style and get counter HTML code.
Know everything about your website visitors. Analyse and monitor your website traffic. Accurate real-time statistics with visitor tracking and analysis. 14 detailed reports with charts
If you want to know, how many visitors on your website now with possibility to determine time frame (from 1 to 60 minutes).
Create a counter that's best fit for your website design and requirements. Multiple colors (60 colors for background and 60 colors for digits gving you 3600 color variants). We have predefined 32 hit counters for you.
The counter will allow you to know page views (hits) or unique visitors (visitors) of each page on your website you are planning to track.
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