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We call it simple because you do not need to color it and it simply counts visitors like a car mileage meter or electronic clock.

Just select one of them and place it on your page.

Unique visitors - Individuals who have visited a Web site at least once in a fixed time frame - 24 hour period.

Total Hits - number of page views (only pages with counter installed are counted).

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Simple Hit Counter
Please pay you attention that the counter does not provide detailed website statistics.
Please select a counter style you would like to place on your web site, and click "Get HTML Code" button below.

Starting Count:
The number to which you want to initialize your counter.

What do you want us to count?
Select either 'Unique Visitors *' or 'Total Hits.
Total Hits Unique Visitors
If your counter is ready, click button below to get counter HTML code.

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